Alabama - Animal Acupressure Practitioner

Kathy Merrell, Equien & Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner, NBCAAM
Tuscaloosa, AL
Phone: 205-454-3773

Human - AlabamaKathy is a dual Animal Acupressure Practitioner practitioner, certified in both Equine and Small Animal Acupressure. She is also a certified equine sports massage therapist providing services in the Tuscaloosa - Birmingham, AL area. Her practice includes horses, dogs, and cats. Kathy summers near Saratoga Springs, NY but travels back to Alabama to work with clients.

Kathy has been working to help animals since 2004 when she received her certification in Equine Sports Massage from Healing Touch Animal Massage in Birmingham, AL. Included in that training was a course in acupressure which proved so effective that she began her studies with Tallgrass. She completed her Small Animal certification in 2012 and Equine Acupressure certification in 2014.

Kathy can be reached by phone or email to arrange an appointment to visit your animals in your own home/barn. They are more comfortable and relaxed in their own setting.

She is a member of National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage, International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care, and Associated Body Work & Massage Professionals. She and her husband share their lives with Reilly, a yellow Lab, an elderly cat named Ivey and two beautiful Morgan horses: Ricky and Sunny.