Animal Acupressure course

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Elective Courses & Extensions

Here are more Online Courses that will add a new dimension of learning to your existing skill set in acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
We've always said Chinese Medicine is a life-long study, and we meant just that!

We have developed an array of courses from Small Animal TCM and Food Energetics to Essential Oils for Equines. These courses effectively enlarge your base of knowledge and thereby the tools you have available to bring to your animal.

Stay tuned for additional graduate level courses to be developed the early part of 2025.
We can't wait to deliver them to you all!


The listed elective courses may be used for NBCAAM (National Board of Animal Acupressure and Massage - Certifying Agency) CE requirements.

Click on the image to find more information about each course and how to purchase. 

Learn to use TCM in cooking for your dogs
Small Animal TCM & Food Energetics
Equine Essential Oils horse scents
Essential Oils for Equines
equine acupressure class onlibe
Horses in Motion
equine acupressure for horse owners
Online Course Extension
Hands-On Clinic Exam Extension
Hands-On Clinic Exam Extension
Equine Acupressure and 5-element theory
Five-Element Theory