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Tallgrass has been a Provider of Animal Acupressure Resources for the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage (NBCAAM), since its inception. NBCAAM provides examinations that reflect and uphold the highest professional standards of practice for animal acupressure and massage.

Holistic Actions animal therapy


Holistic Actions! is has dedicated their lives to animal welfare and advocacy and is an international leader in the fight for creating a better world for pets through taking holistic actions. They are also eager to share their years of experience with you!

Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Resources is honored to work with HA! and to also provide acupressure resources and seminars to this Acupressure Affiliates community.

To receive a discount on Holistic Actions! membership, enter the discount code Tallgrass when you register.

Become a Holistic Actions! Academy GOLD member & get access to:

    • One free 15 min GUIDANCE CALL a month with one of faculty members to get your questions answered. Also, our faculty will support and steer you in the right direction in holistic medical decision making process. 
    • Our online forum with professional holistic veterinarian support.
    • Weekly live calls with faculty - ask questions and learn new trends.
    • Email support from faculty members.
    • All our online resources, including past and upcoming webinars, empower hours!, research materials, online courses, articles, etc.

Iaamb animal therapy school

Our members share a common goal of advancing the field of animal massage and bodywork. The IAAMB/ACWT encourages dialog among the providers and schools of thought within the field of animal massage and bodywork.



Animal Wellness GuideFeaturing expert articles & tips on natural animal health as well as business and marketing advice for practitioners.