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Many of Tallgrass Equine and Small Animal Acupressure Courses are PDA approved by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), Provider # 1181.

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December 2019 Online Course Special

  • Overview to TCM - Equine or Small Animal (Online)
    • Overview to TCM - Equine or Small Animal (Online)
    • Covers the underlying concepts of TCM: Yin/Yang Theory in relation to the animal body & assessment of conditions; Meridian Theory & meridian system; Five-Element Theory; internal organ systems, zang-fu organs in relation to the body; &, how vital substances function within the body.
    • Price: $200.00
    • Retail Price: $250.00
      You Save: $50.00 ( 20% )
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2019 Hands-On Class Schedule

Join us in our upcoming Hand-On Classes! Click a link below to view the latest Hands-On Class scheduled in your area.

2020 Hands-on courses are starting up in Canada and England. Click on the links to register for the courses listed. These links will take you directly to the Tallgrass Affiliate websites where you can register for the course you select. More courses will be announced as 2020 unfolds in the northern and southern hemispheres. Stay Tuned!

Feb 22-23 – Almost Full - Introduction to Small Animal Acupressure / Near Toronto / CLICK to Register

Mar 15-16 – Introduction to Equine Acupressure / Surrey, UK / CLICK to Register

Apr 25-26 – Introduction to EquineAcupressure / Near Toronto / CLICK to Register

Jun 8-11 – Equine & Small Animal Acupressure: Hands-On Training / Glastonbury, UK / CLICK to Register

Jun 13-14 – Half-Full - Equine & Small Animal Tui Na (Chinese Meridian Acupressure-Massage) / Glastonbury, UK / CLICK to Register

Note: To register for the hands-on courses listed above, please click on the link after the course to go directly to the website of the Tallgrass Affiliate.

Equine & Animal Wellness Magazines


Got Chi?

When chi is balanced and flowing harmoniously throughout the body, we all enjoy good health and mental acuity.  

Learn the acupoints that strengthen your animals immune system, and the acupressure point work techniques to use . . .   Immune System Strengthening Acupoint Charts Included!



Hoof health is a life or death matter. This makes hoof care one of the most essential aspects of horse care. Learn the acupoints that can benefit your horse's hoof health.                             
Chart for Hoof-Building Health Included!


Tallgrass Receives Animal Wellness Magazine  
2016 Stamp of Approval for Equine and Canine Apps

Equine AcuPoints Animal Acupressure App for Practitioners

Equine AcuPoints

The Equine AcuPoint app makes every equine practitioner's job much easier. Read More


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Canine AcuPoints Animal Acupressure App for Practitioners

Canine AcuPoints

It is a working tool, a study tool & an essential piece of equipment for any practitioner. Read More


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