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The Pioneers in Animal Acupressure Resources since 1990. Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute has created animal acupressure books, manuals, meridian charts, videos, acupoint apps, and extensive Home-Study and Hands-On workshops. We are constantly expanding our products to increase everyone’s knowledge of animal acupressure. Our intent is to provide the best learning tools to give animal guardians, trainers, and healthcare practitioners access to the powerful healing modality of Animal Acupressure.

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Equine Head Shaking Syndrome

Equine Head Shaking Syndrome can be a frustrating and painful issue for you and your horse. Causes of Head Shaking include allergies, infections, c...

Acupressure & Osteoarthritis

You can help your dog by offering her an acupressure session two times per week. Specific Acupressure points can reduce inflammation and supply nec...

How Acupressure Can Help Anxious Dogs

Excess anxiety and a lack of anxiety are both unhealthy and unbalanced. By offering a brief acupressure session, you can help the dog rebalance his...

Use Canine Acupressure to Help Your Dog's Allergies

Allergies have become all too common affliction for our canine family members. Simply put, an allergy is an over-reaction or heightened sensitivity...

Acupressure for Feline Constipation

Constipation is common in cats. Most often it’s a mild condition where acupressure and other home remedies can help. Be mindful though that feline ...