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The Pioneers in Animal Acupressure Resources since 1990. Tallgrass has created animal acupressure books, manuals, meridian charts, videos, acupoint apps, and extensive Home-Study and Hands-On workshops. We are constantly expanding our products to increase everyone’s knowledge of animal acupressure. Our intent is to provide the best learning tools to give animal guardians, trainers, and healthcare practitioners access to the powerful healing modality of Animal Acupressure.

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Help Your Horse Deal With Equine Seasonal Allergies

Watch and learn acupoints to help reduce seasonal allergies 

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Blog Posts

Acupressure for Feline Constipation

Constipation is common in cats. Most often it’s a mild condition where acupressure and other home remedies can help. Be mindful though that feline ...

V-Blog - Great Acupressure Points for Dogs - Ba...

Bai Hui Point, acupressure point for dogs -- Where is it on Human's? Where is this acupressure point on your dog? . . Watch to find out:

V-Blog - - Equine Tui Na - An Fa Techniques

Learn 2 easy Tui Na techniques to use with your animals! Chinese Meridian Massage is a powerful too you can access.

What's the Point

WHAT’S THE POINT? By: Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis, Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute. Acupressure points, usually called “acupoints” in Chinese...

Part I: Survival: Yin-Yang Theory

Part I: SURVIVAL: THE YIN-YANG THEORY The theory and concepts underlying the Taoist notion of yin and yang are the most sophisticated and distincti...

San Zhen Protocols: AcuPoint Case Study #1

By: Nancy Zidonis and Amy Snow Lower Jiao Damp Heat and Chi Stagnation Molly is a spaniel exhibiting a chronic urinary tract infection. Her guardia...

Bl 11 - Amazing Animal Acupressure Point

AMAZING ACUPRESSURE POINT SERIES #12: BLADDER 11 Pinyin Name – Da Zhu English Translations – Great Shuttle, Big Reed, Foot Taiyang Bladder 11 Note:...

Animal Acupressure References and Resources

Animal Acupressure References and Resources This Reference and Resource offers Tallgrass participants and graduate practitioners a listing to use i...

Equine Lower Back Soreness

OH MY ACHIN’ BACK: Equine Acupressure for a Sore Back Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis Horses are not really designed to carry heavy loads on their bac...

Feline Kidney Support

CATS AGE, TOO: Acupressure for Kidney Care Don’t we all wish that our cats could stay young and bouncy forever? The reality is, cat’s age just like...