Animal Acupressure Point: Small Intestine 4

Animal Acupressure Point: Small Intestine 4


Pinyin Name – Wan Gu 
English Translations – Wrist Bone, Hand Tai Yang Small Intestine 4

The Small Intestine organ system is a loyal protector of the Monarch’s kingdom. The Heart is the Monarch of the body and has many officials that perform important tasks to keep the kingdom of the body functioning properly. The Small Intestine is the official in charge of keeping the kingdom of the body pure and not allowing evil to disrupt digestive harmony. In other words, the Small Intestine is responsible for discerning turbid from clean substances as they pass through the digestive tract before unclean fluids are absorbed into the body. This also extends to knowing right from wrong. That is, it’s the Small Intestine that helps the animal know which behavior is right and which is wrong.

The Small Intestine is the yang organ system paired with the Heart. As the “sister” to the Heart, it supports many of the Heart’s energetics and functions along with its role in protecting the Heart from evil lurking in the body.

However, each acupoint along the Small Intestine has its own functions and energetics. Specifically, Small Intestine 4 (SI 4) is a powerful point as both a local acupoint for many conditions as well as a distal point (i.e., away from the actual acupoint location).

Acupoint Classification 
Small Intestine 4 is the Source / Yuan point for the Small Intestine meridian. Source points are very powerful points because they are where the vital chi on the meridian can be stimulated. These points have the special attribute of being able to balance the meridian regardless of whether the problem is and excess or deficient pattern. Source points can resolve diseases related to the organ itself, plus they regulate the functioning of the entire organ system and support anti-pathogenic factors while eliminating pathogens that can lead to disease.

Energetic Actions 
Small Intestine 4 relaxes tendons and ligaments, especially of the forelimb, dispels Wind-Heat, clears Heat, and transforms Damp-Heat.

Indicators / Clinical Signs 
SI 4 can be included in an acupressure session when the animal presents with local and/or distal indicators or clinical signs listed below: 

  1. Pain, stiffness, swelling, weakness, or injury along the course of the Small Intestine Meridian (forelimb, shoulder, & neck)
  2. Headache
  3. Jaundice
  4. Diabetes
  5. Tendonitis
  6. Arthritis of the fore and hind leg joints

Equine – On the lateral aspect of the forelimb, distal to the carpal joint, caudolateral to the base of the lateral splint bone.

SI 4 acupoint for horses

Canine & Feline – On the lateral aspect of the thoracic limb, below the carpal joint, at the base of the 5th metacarpal bone. 

SI 4 for dogs