Practitioner Georgia

Laura Tslivoglou, Equine Acupressure Practitioner, NBCAAM
Doraville, GA 

Finding a talent for combining acupressure with proven techniques in successfully rehabilitating her rescued horse, Laura sought a complete understanding of acupressure through Tallgrass. She completed her certification in 2012. Her experience and knowledge has prepared her to apply the education acquired through Tallgrass. She has been successful in unusual cases with impressive results. Laura maintains clients in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida while continuing to study TCM and holistic therapy to best help horses realize their potential. Laura is also NBCAAM certified and a member of the American Horse Council. 

Donna Collins Purvis 
Savanagh, GA  

Equine acupressure

Donna's life-long passion for human and horse health came to fruition with her study of equine acupressure. Donna plans to offer her new skills to her own horses as well as horses of area friends.