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Learn Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupressure for Your Animals!

View our series of eight on-line coursess - designed to incrementally increase

learn animal acupressure

your knowledge base and ability to benefit your animals with acupressure. Each course includes theory, practical application, and video resources, structured to guide your learning process and build your acupressure knowledge.

At Tallgrass, we understand that a strong background in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory is necessary to be an effective acupressure practitioner. Our proprietary coursework is designed to teach you TCM theory, the location and flow of each meridian, the location and function of major acupoints, and how to perform an acupressure session specific to the animals needs. Combining TCM theory and practical application creates a full spectrum learning experience.

If you are an animal owner and want to learn how how to work with and help balance your animals in a holistic and non-invasive manner . . . these classes are for you!

learn equine acupressure theory at home

And, if you are an animal massage or bodywork professional, these on-line courses will give you excellent additional tools. Your knowldege base and the skills you'll be able to provide your clients is immense!

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