chart of Equine Acupressure for Lower  back soreness

Equine Back Soreness

OH MY ACHIN’ BACK: Equine Acupressure for a Sore Back
Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis

Horses are not really designed to carry heavy loads on their backs. Their muscles and the bone structure of the spinal column are sensitive to pressure. Hence, they cannot perform properly and comfortably when overly stressed. Domesticated horses have suffered the role of “beasts of burden” for centuries. And, acupressure can help your horse recover from lower back soreness.

Riders now know that the first line of defense in avoiding back pain is careful saddle fitting. Additionally, training that assures that the back muscles are engaging smoothly for impulsion, consistent natural hoof care, and regular bodywork are also needed.

Adding acupressure-massage to your horse-care regimen every fourth or fifth day can make a world of difference for your horses’ comfort and your enjoyment of your equine sport. 

Stimulate the acupoints below to help relieve your horse’s back issues. 

equine acupressure for lower back soreness