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Acupressure: Points That Heal
Chico went flying off the back porch and landed chin first on the stone below, knocking himself out. The five-month old yellow Lab had spotted ducks on the pond 50 feet away, and in his exuberance forgot there was an eight foot drop from the porch to the craggy rocks. 
Carol, Chico's guardian, saw him mid-air from the kitchen window and went rushing out to see where he had landed. When she reached Chico, she placed the tip of her thumb just below his nose, right in the middle of his upper lip and pressed gently, then again with a bit more pressure. Chico regained consciousness, wagged his tail, stood up, shook his whole body, and went back to being his happy self.

As featured in Animal Wellness Magazine.
by Amy Snow one of the founders of Tallgrass Institute

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Introduction to Small Animal Acupressure provides an excellent understanding of the concepts underlying Traditional Chinese Medicine and how to apply these concepts to an acupressure session with a dog or cat.

This training video puts you in touch with 1000s of years of safe, natural healing techniques especially intended to with optimal physical and emotional health.
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