Animal Acupressure Videos

Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute's DVD series provides an incredible amount of information to the student and practitioner of animal acupressure. The Equine and Canine Acupoint Energetics & Landmark Anatomy DVD's break new ground in the field of acupressure and acupuncture as they show a complete tracing of the meridian system on each animal, surface landmarks, and acupoint energetics for most major acupoints.
Introduction to Small Animal DVD
  • Introduction to Small Animal DVD
  • Introduction to Small Animal Acupressure gives you the basics of a complete acupressure session plus specific powerful acupoints for arthritis, shoulder & hip problems, lamenesses, low back issues, and other small animal physical and emotional issues.

    This 40 minute training video puts you in touch with 1000s of years of safe, natural healing techniques especially intended to optimize physical and emotional health.

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