Willow Smart, Acupressure Practitioner
Milton, VT
Owner EquiScents & Vermont Equine Acupressure LLC
Primary Phone: 802-893-2963
Specialties: Equine

animal acupressure massageComing from 10 generations of ranchers, she has had a lifelong passion for the horse as a sentient being, and has always wanted to give back. Her interests since she was a child have been holistic healing for both human and animal. Her background includes certified organic farmer for over 20 years, a homeopathic veterinary degree, a career in nutraceuticals for the medical industry, studies in medical aromatherapy, and producer of essential oils for equines.

Willow believes in the integration of eastern and western beliefs for healthful balance. Using all the tools in the toolbox, she uses a holistic approach towards lasting health. She believes that involving the veterinarian combined with energy work, and acupressure, makes for a well-rounded program for the horse's total being; mind and body. Qualifications:
BA Bsc
Cert. Aromatherapist/Producer of EquiScents
National Board of Animal Acupressure and Massage (NBCAAM) Certified, 2014