New Jersey

Corrine Corcoran, Ed.D., NCTMB
Founder of Furry Tails where animal dreams do come true!
Glassboro, NJ
Specialties: Small Animal

animal acupressure massageCorinne is a Reiki Master and a member of Save the Animals Foundation, AMTA, and IAAMB. She holds a Doctorate in Education from Temple University. She has been a Nationally Certified Massage Practitioner for over fifteen years. She has piloted and taught several programs at Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies in Collingswood, New Jersey since 1992 including: Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology (ACARET certified), Applied Kinesiology, One Brain, Energy Medicine, Ethics, Meridian Theory, and Ayurveda.

She is certified by Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute in Small Animal Acupressure and by Integrated Touch Therapy of Circleville, Ohio in Canine Massage. She does volunteer massage and acupressure at The Animal Rescue Center in Lindenwald, New Jersey and offers her services through her small animal practice called Furry Tails. Her mission is to help people embrace all animals and provide ways to help them thrive on this ever challenged planet.

Kris Smalley, Certified Small Animal & Equine Practitioner
No Horsing Around, LLC
PO Box 533
Pittstown, NJ 08867
Specialties: Equine & Small Animal

animal acupressure massageMy passion for animals and animal welfare was the catalyst behind creating a business that would both educate and assist my fellow animal enthusiasts. I am here to share my knowledge and use my skills in whatever way I can to help give you and your companion animals the happy and healthy life they deserve.

For several years now I have been engrossed in furthering my natural connection with all species of animals through formal education in several holistic modalities. In early 2006 I began learning about and training to practice the Natural Equine Trim Methodology and am now trimming professionally. In early 2009 I became a Certified Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner. I am working to achieve a Flower Essences for Animals Practitioner Certification through Spirit-in-Nature Essences. I am based in Hunterdon County, NJ and have clients statewide as well as in eastern PA.

Liz Stewart, BS, CVT, VTS-ECC
New Jersey
Specialties: Small Animal

animal acupressure massageLiz supports people in healing their pets at home blending traditional Veterinary nursing with a more holistic and inclusive approach. Her passion is helping pet owners create a comprehensive plan as they navigate their pet's life stages and illnesses. Her unique training and experience allows her to teach and offer recommendations, removing fear and frustration.

Liz is a natural pet healer with 30yrs in the veterinary technician profession. She has a B.S. in Animal Science from Cook College, Rutgers University and she is certified in Emergency & Critical Care (ECC), was trained in Animal Acupressure by Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute and is certified by the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage (NBCAAM). Liz is the former manager of a large 24/7 Emergency & Critical Care service where she created protocols and training programs allowing for a high level of patient care.

In 2010, she was instrumental in creating a program for the first technician driven veterinary hospice & palliative care in NJ. Hours spent researching and talking to human hospice nurses, clinical psychologists, and bereavement specialists led her to commit to working with families in their homes. Heal at Home Pet Care was created to be able to offer these unique services to pet owners.

Alyson Halpin
Specialties: Small Animal & Equine

animal acupressure massageAlyson is a Certified Small Animal and Equine Acupressure Practitioner from Tallgrass. She has 25 years' experience working with animals. She is a Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant. She was a RVT working with a Holistic Mobile Veterinary and left the Veterinary field to continue learning holistic therapies. She wanted to bring together Western and Eastern views of looking at animal companions as a whole, joining all aspects of the animal's wellness. She assists, educates and consults owners in areas of healing for not just their companions, but for themselves as well. Alyson is also a Certified Reiki Master / Teacher, Aromatherapy, Animal Communicator and Certified Small Animal Massage Practitioner. She continued her education in Tui Na Massage, Crystal Healing, Color Therapy and Flower Essences.

Alyson is a member of the IARP, APDT, NBCAAM and The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs. She volunteers with her own certified therapy dogs in 2 hospitals that provide assistance with Children with Autism, Special Needs, Oncology and Cardiology patients. She is a volunteer in a Hippotherapy Program located in Northern NJ. She provides her services of nutrition counseling, acupressure, Reiki and other healing modalities for 2 local shelters and 2 rescue organizations. Alyson serves Bergen, Hudson, Passaic, Morris, Essex, Sussex Counties of NJ, some areas of NY State and areas of Pennsylvania.