Sonia Bellon, Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Phone: 416-707-7392
Website:                                            Specialties: Small Animal

Sonia is a Certified Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner accredited by the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute. She has a background in biology and environmental management and is the owner of Anahata Healing Circle that was born out of her passion to promote pets' optimum health through a holistic, non-invasive approach, complementary to veterinary care. She's an animal communicator, animal Reiki Master, Raw Dog food nutrition specialist and uses flower essences and crystals as well. She enjoys teaching Animal Reiki in the Greater Toronto Area and in France where she is originally from.

Although originally she intended to work solely with animals, her practice has slowly shifted towards helping people as well on their healing journey.


Jesse McCowan, Small Animal & Equine Acupressure   Phone: 647-460-0082
Website:                                            Specialties: Small Animal & Equine Acupressure, Animal Iridology and Essential Oils

Jesse is a Certified Small Animal and Equine Acupressure Practitioner accredited by the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute. Jesse obtained a Bachelor of Science degree with an Honours Specialization in Animal Behaviour from Western University. After graduation she continued her studies and specializes in Animal Iridology, Bach and FES Flower Essences, Cold Laser Therapy, Animal Homeopathy and Essential Oils. She is also a certified Holy Fire Reiki master.

She has spent her whole life dreaming of the day she could help the animals. She grew up with her mother doing natural health therapies for people but always felt a stronger connection to animals. Until she finds a perfect location for her office she is mobile, serving the Greater Toronto Area and Durham region. One day she hopes to open an animal rehabilitation centre for physical and emotional recoveries on a ranch. In her spare time, she hikes with her Australian Shepherd, Kaia.

Alanna Skorupski, Small Animal
Phone:  647-225-2579
Location: Milton, Ontario  Canada 
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Alanna attended Sheridan College to study Animal Care to gain more knowledge on animal welfare. When the year was over she found herself drawn to the physiotherapy side of animal care. It was always rewarding seeing an animal feel better and watching them improve each day. Alanna then attended The Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy where she learned sports massage for canines.

Hungry for more education Alanna found Canine Bowen Therapy at the Canine Bowen Institute. After graduating from The Canine Bowen Institute Alanna has opened her doors to helping animals. Two Hands Four Paws Therapy was born! Over the years she has helped many animals overcome issues that seemed impossible to resolve. Always looking for more ways to help the animals Alanna has now added Small Animal Acupressure as well as PEMF Therapy to her list of services.  


Tania Costa, Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner, CMP, CCRP
Toronto, Canada
Phone: 416-690-1077
Email:                          Specialties: Small Animal, dog massage

animal acupressure massageTania is a Practitioner of Small Animal Acupressure with Tallgrass Animal Institute and the owner and operator of Canine Wellness Centre in Toronto, Canada. She specializes in animal rehabilitation, massage, acupressure and water therapy throughout the Toronto area.

She has worked with canines since 1997 certified in massage therapy, acupressure, rehabilitation as well as an extensive background in herbal remedies, bach flower essences, and manual therapy techniques. Her goal is to provide a wellness centre that is committed to assisting dogs of all abilities. Canine Wellness Centre is a 2,000 square foot facility including a 16' swimming pool with underwater treadmill and two closed-circuit televisions to monitor and assess gait. Also her commitment to accommodate all dogs and owners she has included a wheelchair ramp for owners and their service dogs so that they can watch their dog during water therapy sessions.

Her services include regular rehabilitation and wellness services for dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, ligament or muscle injuries, degenerative disorders as well as programs for weight loss, recreational swims, puppy swims, do-it-yourself grooming and daycare for disabled or paralyzed dogs.

Nancy Joyce, Animal Acupressure Practitioner
Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone: 778-227-2195                                             Specialties: Small Animal

animal acupressure massage

Nancy is a Certified Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner accredited by the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute. Nancy is committed to improving the way we assess and treat our animal's overall health and well-being. Although western medical techniques can be very helpful it is vital to slow down on pharmaceuticals, and include other philosophies and treatments that include an animal's mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Nancy is also an Animal Reiki Master and enjoys combining both modalities for optimum results. Nancy's focus is working with all animals that have behaviour and/or emotional issues as well as chronic and recurring illness. Puppies to seniors. Pets, rescues, wildlife and sanctuary animal.

Maureen Manning, Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner
Edmonton, ALB
Email:                                 Specialties: Small Animal

Susanne DeBernardi, Equine Acupressure Practitioner
Equi-Care+ Therapies Portland Ontario, Canada / Servicing Eastern, Central, and Southern Ontario
Phone: 613-331-1868
Website:                           Specialties: Equine

Susanne has completed the Equine Acupressure Practitioner Program by Tallgrass in 2018. Having been a Bach Flower Therapy Practitioner since 1996 she has always been interested in holistic therapy for horses and their riders.She has studied Acupressure and Reiki over the past 15 years and added a workshop in integrative therapies with Dr. Kerry Ridgway in South Carolina. Traveling to Germany to study Dorn Therapy and becoming a Dorn Therapist has complement her veterinary and medical technician background. Since Susanne has always been interested in staying current and improving her knowledge level, she continued her studies and received certifications in Cold Laser Therapy and K-Taping. In addition, in order to aid veterinarians in the diagnosis of various equine ailments, she has become certified in Equine Thermography. Susanne’s passion is to provide the best care possible for horses and their owners. GIVE YOU HORSE WINGS.

Certified Equine Acupressure Practitioner TGAAI Acupressure Practitioner SNHS Dip