Animal Acupressure Webinars

Animal Acupressure Webinars & Replays

Would you like a refresher or some extra help on a specific Acupressure topic? Our monthly webinars are on topics chosen by students. They focus on the most popular topics such as Point Selection, Acupoint Classifications, Theory, Anatomy, Indicators, Meridians, and so forth. The dates and times will vary each month to try to accommodate everyone.

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Animal Acupressure Webinars Replays

In case you missed an animal acupressure webinar that you were interested in, we've compiled the replays available here. Click the drop down menu to see available replays. Purchase will get you the YouTube link to watch the replay within 48 hours.

Click here to choose an Animal Acupressure Webinar Replay, topics include:

Animal Acupressure Point Selection
Animal Acupressure Case Studies
5-Element Theory Point Selection
Source Points - Forelimb Anatomy
The Four Exams
Source Points - Hindlimb Anatomy
Meridian Tracing - Metal and Earth Elements