Anne Marie van Bolhuis
Brussels, Belgium
0032 – (0)470565305

animal acupressure massageAnne Marie is a passionate and gifted practitioner and trainer of sports and recreational horses, be it dressage or jumping. Starting off as an economist and working in various countries as a diplomat, she decided to devote her energy to her lifelong passion. Since then, she has treated and improved the health and well-being of horses, always in the broader perspective of the unique relationship between horses and people. As an Equine Acupressure Practitioner she integrates acupressure with other methods of restoring the natural balance of the horse, promoting optimal health and performance.

Anne Marie is following a five-year study at Silverlinde College in The Netherlands to become a Holistic Veterinary Practitioner, specializing in Classical Homeopathy and follows the Equine TTouch practitioner training.