Animal Acupressure Foundation Clinic

Equine or Canine Acupressure TCM Foundation

Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm each day
TCM Expert: Lori Perez, LAc 
On-Line Module: Overview to Traditional Chinese Medicine           

This clinic offers you the information, tools and practice to perform a complete acupressure session protocol. It gives you a working understanding of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concepts and theories underlying acupressure. A fun and comprehensive experience, that lays the groundwork for your continued acupressure involvement.

Combining the theoretical knowledge of TCM gained in the Overview to TCM online course, the Animal Acupressure Foundation Clinic gives you the hands-on techniques, assessment tools and point-work techniques to begin working with acupressure and your animals. It's the perfect combination of theory and practice to give confidence and ability to your acupressure actions.

Specific theory and Tallgrass Foundation Acupressure Clinichands on practice study includes:

  • Yin/ Yang Theory

  • 4 - Examinations - Demonstration and practice

  • Acupressure protocol - Opening, Point work and Closing techniques

  • Association points, Source, and Master points - location, assessment and energetics

  • Acupressure session, assessment, point selection and session practice

  • Class manual covering all of the above and more

Equine Acupressure Tallgrass Clinic training

Since Acupressure is based on TCM, we  explore this ancient science and guide you in learning to help your animals feel their best. You'll recognize the signs of imbalances and know the practices to help balance and improve their health.

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