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ONLINE - Introduction to Small Animal TCM & Food Energetics
  • ONLINE - Introduction to Small Animal TCM & Food Energetics
  • From taking this On-Line course you will learn the basics of food energetics, how to assess the current needs of your animal, and an understanding of the characteristics of food and its proper use. You'll learn how to select warming, cooling, and neutral foods in the context of the TCM theories of Yin and Yang, and the Five-Element Theory to address many common health issues.
  • Price: $325.00
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Animal Acupressure Business Practices Course (Online)
  • Animal Acupressure Business Practices Course (Online)
  • The Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute‚Äôs Business Practices course provides you the knowledge, confidence and resources to help you create an animal acupressure practice that reflects your style, supports you as a professional, and enhances the community you live and work in. The course gives you a step-by-step to creating successful marketing strategies, financial goals, defining legal issues, and the tools to put together your own business plan. A Certificate of Completion for 20 LU's is available upon completion of this online course.
  • Price: $65.00
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Hands-On Virtual Coaching
  • Hands-On Virtual Coaching
  • Tallgrass is excited to offering virtual hands-on coaching to help you trace the 12 Major Meridians, locate key acupoints, and go over any specific questions you have. We want to help you build your confidence and guide you toward becoming an outstanding acupressure practitioner. You will work one-on-one with a Tallgrass instructor who will answer your questions and demonstrate hands-on work. Virtual Hands-On Coaching means we will use one of the audio-visual platforms available through the internet or cellular phone, whichever works best for you. We are happy to use Facetime, Zoom, Skype, or another platform to communicate with you.
  • Price: $60.00
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