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Intro to Small Animal Acupressure DVD & ACU-Dog
  • Intro to Small Animal Acupressure DVD & ACU-Dog
  • ACU-Dog: A Guide to Canine Acupressure gives dog guardians, trainers, and healthcare providers an easy-to-follow manual to learn canine acupressure. It covers the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, how to perform an acupressure session, charts with the 12 Major Meridians, and 20 common canine specific condition treatments.

    The Introduction to Small Animal Acupressure DVD shows you the basics of a complete acupressure session plus specific powerful acupoints for arthritis, shoulder & hip problems, lamenesses, low back issues, and other small animal physical and emotional issues. This 40 minute training video puts you in touch with 1000s of year of safe, natural healing techniques. These 2 training tools combine to give you a wealth of knowledge and proven healing techniques to optimize the physical and emotional health of your animal.

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