Animal Acupressure Books

These Equine, Canine, and Feline Acupressure books are a contribution to the necessary turn-around in our thinking abut life and our reactions toward animals. They are indeed a welcome and much-needed addition to the growing library of useful texts and manuals on animal care and maintenance.
- Dr Michael W. Fox, Veterinarian and Internationally Renown Author
Canine Health & Pathology Manual
  • Canine Health & Pathology Manual
  • Canine Health & Pathology

    Canine Health & Pathology provides an essential basic resource for holistic professionals, healthcare practitioners, canine bodyworkers and students of canine health.

    The book provides information to help practitioners assess the dog and recognize conditions requiring immediate veterinarian attention. Information includes: The Vital Signs of Canine Health, Canine Emergency Conditions, the Nervous System, Gastrointestinal, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Urinary Systems, Infectious Diseases, Musculoskeletal Issues, Zoonotic Diseases, and more.

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