International Program

TgAAI’s international teaching presence continues to grow. To that end, we have created an International Students information page to help you with course questions, time schedule, course scheduling and more!

Please review the information below and feel free to contact us at with any specific questions you may have.

Thank you for your interest in Tallgrass Animal Acupressure and our courses! Below are the requirements for course completion:

Training Program in Equine or Small Animal Acupressure

a. There are 8 online courses to complete. It is a requirement that the first online class, Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine be taken prior to the hands-on course and we recommend the the Meridian Theory online class be taken prior to attending the hands on class as well. NOTE: you may take additional online courses through Health & Pathology prior to taking the hands-on course. The following online courses are required for certification and are listed in the suggested order of completion:

  1. Overview of TCM
  2. Meridian Theory
  3. Five Element Theory
  4. Acupoint Classification
  5. Acupoint Energetics & Landmark Anatomy
  6. Health & Pathology
  7. Indicators & Assessment and 2 Case Studies
  8. Proficiency Verification Class 
Click HERE, then click on the catalog tab at the top of the page to view a syllabus of each online class. 

b. Through May 31, 2018, the hands-on course needed for completion are:

  1. Introduction to Acupressure and 4 Case Studies
  2. Meridians & Specific Conditions and 6 Case Studies
c.  On June 1, 2018, the hands-on course needed for completion are:
      1.  4-Day Hands-On Animal Acupressure Training
      2.  Online Examination, Essays, and 6 Case Studies

d. Two electives that are a minimum of 20 hours each are also required for completion. These can be in other areas of study that complement animal acupressure, such as animal massage, reiki, physiotherapy, Equine massege , Essential Oils,  Crystal work, etc. 1 of these 2 courses needs to be a hands-on course.

If you have taken courses you would like considered for your elective requirements, please send the information about the course(s) to:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’d like to complete in both equine and small animal acupressure, is this possible?

Yes, this is possible, however will need to complete one certification and then begin to take the necessary courses for the second certification. You will not need to take all of the classes again and the specifics of the second (or dual) completion can be found on the bottom of this page: Dual Training Requirements

2. What are the payment options for the courses?

Please view our policies and procedures page by clicking here.

3. What are the regulations governing animal acupressure?

It varies from country to country and usually animal acupressure regulations are the same as those governing animal massage unless otherwise specified. Many areas are now having practitioners work by veterinary referral. To make sure you are fully aware of the regulations that govern animal acupressure in your country, we ask that you thoroughly investigate this area at the start of your studies with us.