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Small Animal or Equine Meridians & Specific Conditions (Littleton CO - June 12-15, 2017)
  • Small Animal or Equine Meridians & Specific Conditions (Littleton CO - June 12-15, 2017)
  • Course: Small Animal or Equine Meridians and Specific Conditions
    Location: Littleton, Colorado
    Date: June 12 - 15, 2017 
    Course Fee: $775.00 - See Payment options available below
    Time: Approximately 9:00 am to 5:00 pm each day. 
    Instructor: Susan Tenney & Kristen Guerra Assisting
    Course Level: Intermediate
    Prerequisites: Prerequisite is the hands on class, Introduction to Acupressure. This course is required for the Training Program.

    This 4-day hands-on class follows the categorization of the Five-Element Theory, and offers greater depth regarding the types of physical and psychological issues presented when meridians are not in balance.

    Specific theory and hands on practice study includes:

    • 5-Element Theory and use of Correspondence Chart
    • Meridian system overview
    • In-depth study of each of the 5 elements and their associated meridians
    • Location, flow, function, and attributes of each of the 12 major meridians and 2 extraordinary vessels
    • Common physical and emotional issues associated with each of the elements and meridians
    • Acupoints that can benefit these issues; their location, energetics and reinforcement of acupressure protocol and techniques
    • Further use of Association points and addition of Alarm points
    • Case studies
    • e-Class manual covering all of the above and more
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