Introductory Courses


Introductory Courses -
Equine or Small Animal Acupressure

All of the animal acupressure introductory courses are offered for both the equine and small animal tracks. Practitioner Certificate Program participants are required to take both the online course entitled Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the hands-on Introduction to Animal Acupressure. Equine and Small Animal courses cannot be taken simultaneously; participants must focus on either one or the other areas of study.

We suggest that participants take the Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine Online Course before coming to the Hands-On Introduction to Animal Acupressure.

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Online - Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Equine or Small Animal 
                   8 Units / 30 LUs or 16 CE Hours / No prerequisites 

This Overview covers the basic underlying concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Yin/Yang Theory in relation to the animal body and assessment of conditions; Meridian Theory and the meridian system; The Five-Element Theory; and, how the vital substances function within the body. This course provides an understanding of how the Chinese perceived of the living body and offers tools for assessment and session work in acupressure massage, point work and animal therapy.

A Certificate of Completion for 30 LUs or 16 CE hours is available upon completion of the online quizzes following each of the 8 units and final examination. 
Fees: Small Animal / Equine – $275.00
Hands-On - Introduction to Acupressure – Equine or Small Animal
                                        2 Days / 30 LUs or 16 CE hours / No prerequisite
This course offers you the ability to perform a complete acupressure treatment protocol. It also provides an understanding of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concepts and theories underlying acupressure massage which is a form of Tui Na (the original Chinese meridian massage). Since Acupressure is based on TCM, we will explore this ancient science and guide you in learning how to help your animals feel their best. The Introduction to TCM & acupressure massage covers: 
      acupressure dog
  • Healing Energy Exercises                                              
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Concepts and Theories
  • Understanding the Nature / Behavior of Horses, or Dogs and Cats
  • Sharpening Observation Skills - Movement Analysis, Kinesiology, and Handling Techniques
  • Complete Hands-on Acupressure Treatments
  • Introduction to Discerning Patterns of Disharmony for Acupressure Massage
  • Acuoint Work and Tui Na Techniques
  • Overview of the Meridian System & Meridian Theory as it applies to Acupressure Massage
  • Association and Source Point Function and Use
  • Specific Key Acupressure Points
A Certificate of Completion for 30 LUs or 16 CE hours is available after successfully passing an open book, take-home examination plus 4 Case Studies.  Fees: Small Animal / Equine - $395.00
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